4 myths about private practice

When some women come to see us, it is after they have tried to seek help in many other places. We can often be a last resort because of myths that perpetuate about private medical practice.

Myth 1: private practice is expensive

Perhaps the biggest reason that prevents women from coming to see us is the financial costs of private practice. In the UK, because we are fortunate to have the NHS, people are unaware of the costs of treatment.  The cost to the individual is taken out each month under their National Insurance contribution and that is as near as most people come to thinking about how much their treatment costs.

This means that if we have to physically pay for treatment it usually means sacrificing something that we had planned to use the money on instead.

However, as not all treatment can be offered on the NHS or there may be long waiting lists, choosing private medicine may be the best solution.  While many Trusts are able to refer patients to private practice under an NHS service, this is not the case for all treatments. You should check with your GP before making a final decision

With private practice, you will be paying for your treatment upfront. Private health insurance may cover the costs of treatments, so you should check with your insurance company before making a commitment.

Myth 2: private practices will add on hidden charges

Your private practice will explain your treatment options to you and what costs are involved. It may be that different options have different levels. One treatment may involve more time or specialism than another.

When you choose your treatment plan, you will have all the costs explained to you so that you have options about which plan you choose and there will be no hidden charges. If you are unsure, you can ask for your pricing to be broken down and explained to you.

Myth 3: private practices are run by charlatans

This is one of the most unfortunate myths that we hear about private practice, usually as a result of social media. All of our doctors work with the NHS but have chosen to work in private practice as well. This means they can have more time with their patients, be able to more choice, including complementary therapies, and provide the latest developments in medical science.

If you are in any doubt, you can always be referred to private practice from your family GP.

Myth 4: I won’t feel comfortable at a private practice

If you’ve never been to a private clinic before, it is perfectly understandable to be nervous about your first visit.

First of all, you can expect to be seen within a shorter space of time. Private practice has short waiting times, enabling you to be seen very quickly. In fact, this is one of the main benefits for using a private service.

If you have been through all your options at your local GP,  you have no doubt been struggling with your symptoms for some time. It can be refreshing to find that you have an appointment within a day or so. This means you are seen sooner, your questions are answered, and your concerns are addressed in a non-pressured environment by a highly qualified professional.

Secondly, you will need to book a little more time off work for your consultation than you do for your GP.  Your consultation will take around 45 minutes so that the doctor can really understand your needs and motivations, and work with you to really address your concerns.

This extra time also means you get a holistic treatment plan tailored made for you, addressing your body, mind, feelings, and lifestyle.

If you need any further investigations to make a diagnosis, you can also expect for these to happen speedily as you will not be on a waiting list.  Make sure you take your diary with you and any symptom journal that you’ve kept.

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