Psychosexual medicine


Sexual problems

Most sexual problems are a mixture of the physical, hormonal, psychological and relationship factors that influence our sexual life.

It can be difficult sometimes for any of us as individuals to understand what is happening in our body, so talking to a professional about these issues can lead to a better understanding of yourself and reveal how we can help with the issue.

All Hormone Health consultants are happy to discuss issues affecting your sexual life and some have specialist training in this area.

Menopausal transition

At the menopausal transition there can be changes in sexual desire, due to a general decrease in well-being, lack of sleep, flushes, low mood etc or due to an inherent decrease in sexual drive.

Many women notice a gradual change in the vulva, most commonly a feeling of dryness or a new tightness of the vaginal entrance associated with discomfort on penetration. There can be a change (decrease or increase) in sensation, which can alter the experience of sex. There can be an increase in urinary tract infections and prolapse as the tissues have less firmness and are less elastic.

Many women find that these issues benefit from systemic (around whole body) HRT which will be estrogens and sometimes testosterone preparations. Many women will need topical (to vulva or vagina) estrogens to act locally either in addition or instead of systemic therapy. Most women will need to use a lubricant (with sex) or moisturiser (at other times) for comfort.

In addition, many women benefit from talking about the problem as the underlying causes of a problem may be physical or psychological in varying proportions but are rarely limited to one or the other.

What is Psychosexual medicine?

Psychosexual Medicine, as taught by the Institute of Psychosexual Medicine, is an interpretative, psychodynamic approach to sexual problems where the attitudes, anxieties and fantasies revealed during the consultation and the physical examination are particularly relevant to the understanding of the sexual problem.

It offers a type of brief therapy, based on psychoanalytic skills. It is practised by health professionals who understand how emotional factors, not always experienced at a conscious level, interfere with sexual performance and enjoyment.

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