Case Study – Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

Michelle at the age of 45, had a bilateral salpingo oophorectomy operation (removal of both ovaries and fallopian tubes) at a time in her life that she least expected. Prior to this operation she had experienced some typical perimenopausal symptoms such as lack of energy, occasional night sweats, hot flushes etc.

Post operation resulted in her going into early menopause. Given her age, it was highly recommended that she took hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Understanding the pros and cons of HRT

Michelle initially was wary of taking medication and was concerned about the myths around HRT. She was fortunate to receive advice from Nick Panay at Hormone Health to understand the pros and cons of HRT and the long-term benefits of taking it. Mr Panay also advised best course of treatment with recommended reviews including blood tests going forward.

Within days of taking the treatment, Michelle felt amazing. She had more energy and did not have any hot flushes or sweats. Her skin felt better, and she had clearer focus. Even her children think she looks younger!

HRT – a healthy change

Nine months on she still feels full of energy and the best health wise in a long time. In fact, as a regular gym goer she is at her strongest she has ever been in her life. She passionately believes the HRT has made a healthy change to her life.

Michelle is thankful to Nick Panay for the continued advice she receives on HRT and would urge any woman seeking advice on HRT to contact Nick at Hormone Health.

Hormones are for life!

‘I feel so full of energy, focussed and at my best and I strongly believe this is due to the HRT and advice given by Nick Panay at Hormone Health.’