Edition 10: September 2018

Welcome to our tenth newsletter

Well that summer went quickly, hopefully we’ll have a few more balmy days to enjoy the outside life. As usual, the summer health news was very holiday orientated, so not much to report from a Hormone Health point of view.

There was a great feature on the BBC recently: ‘It sucked’: Eight women open up about being on the pill. As well as the significance of the experiences these women had, the most important conclusion to us was the huge variety there was in their experiences. Not only is this eye opening with regards to how medication can affect people differently, but it also highlights the importance of individualised prescribing.

Here at Hormone Health, we want to minimise side effects and maximise benefits of any treatment, always with the underlying principle that every woman is different and the way we prescribe medicines should reflect that.

We have added four articles to the Patient Resources section of our website – three about bone health and one about health screening tests.

We should all be aware of our bone health, either ensuring our diet and exercise is complementary during our younger years or managing our lifestyle when the risk of bone fracture increases during our later years. DEXA bone scanning is a simple way to assess the health of our bones, so if you want to get more insight into your personal situation, please contact us to discuss the options available to you.

Our best wishes,
Nick Panay

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