Edition 24: December news

The Holiday season is fast approaching and at Hormone Health, we wanted to take the opportunity of wishing you all a festive, happy Christmas and New Year. This month we have a 2019 round up from our Director, Nick Panay.

A Look Back At 2019

Women’s hormone health has been under the spotlight in 2019, mainly for good reasons. Through strong women’s advocacy, menopause is no longer a taboo subject and is regularly discussed in the newspapers, on TV, radio and through social media.


What is testosterone and what is its role in women?

Testosterone is a steroid hormone derived from the ovaries and adrenal glands in women and the testes in men. Women produce 3-4 times more testosterone than oestrogen, although much less than men.

Important in the development of reproductive organs, secondary sexual characteristics, sexual function, cognitive function, mood, bone and muscle mass.

Testosterone levels decline through a woman’s life and particularly after premature and surgical menopause when 50% can be lost very rapidly.


What Our Patients Say

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Raising Awareness

Just in case you missed this last month, Nick Panay was delighted to take part in a podcast with Liz Earle, from Liz Earle Wellbeing, on understanding HRT. This is a podcast filled with information and insight into HRT and how and when it can be used.

Click here for the Podcast

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Best wishes and a very Merry Christmas from all at Hormone Health

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