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Virtual consultations by phone or video call

Now more than ever it’s important to look after your health, so don’t let it take a back seat until everything returns to normal. Hormone Health are here to help you and we are conducting virtual consultations by phone or video.

To make an appointment please call +44 (0)808 196 1901

Hormonal Imbalance – 10 warning signs to look out for

Would you know if your hormones were out of sync? And would you know how to restore the balance?

It’s really important that our bodies work in balance, as hormones are vital for a number of key functions such as sleep, eating, reproduction, moods, body temperature, metabolism and appetite. Any hormone change can have a big impact on all of these areas and consequently your health and well being.

This blog details why levels of hormones can fluctuate, what signs to look out for and what to do about them. Read more here

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Denby’s Dinner Review by Nigel Denby, Dietitian

For the past six weeks I set myself a challenge to work my way through my extensive collection of cookery books and put them on trial. I select one book and cook purely from there for 1 week- each dish is reviewed and rated on its taste, accuracy and ease of recipe, nutrition and finally on whether I would make the dish again. At the end of each week the decision is simple- is the book a winner or a binner.

So far we’ve covered Pinch of Nom, Mildred’s vegetarian Cookbook, Anjum Anand, I Love Curry, Jamie’s Italy and Gary Rhodes, Rhodes around Britain, Rick Stein’s Road to Mexico and this week Nigella Lawson’s Feast

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Light Entertainment

If you’d like some light entertainment that you can relate to, a new YouTube comedy has recently been released called “Dun Breedin”. This is a unique 15 minute, 12 episode drama about a group of women who have bonded through different life experiences and are now going through the Menopause – very funny, accurate and a great watch.

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