Edition 8: May 2018

Welcome to our eighth newsletter

We have added another article to Hormone Knowledge in the patient resources section of our website. This article covers the controversial subject of Bio-Identical hormones. There have been a few articles in the media recently, which have created some confusion. Consequently, I would like to clarify the Hormone Health position on these treatments.

My team and I at Hormone Health only use regulated/ licenced medications following NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) and British/International menopause society guidelines. We often refer to the hormone preparations we use as “body-identical” because they are identical to the hormones your body naturally produces whilst being licenced. This differs from the unregulated preparations that may be described as being formulated to match your personal requirements. Whilst this sounds appealing, this approach is not licensed by the UK authorities and these preparations have not been adequately researched for effectiveness and safety.

Other news:
This month in the media has covered a variety of women’s health issues: https://hormonehealth.co.uk/category/patient-information/

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