In the Press This Week #19

Cervical Screening Photos

The Pool
“Thanks to smear selfies, cervical screenings are finally being normalised”
Celebrities are sharing photos of their cervical screenings in an attempt to normalise the experience, and encourage women to regularly attend them.

Maternal Age

Mail Online
“The BIG Hollywood LIE about becoming a mum in your 50s: Celebrities make it look easy, here four tired (but happy) mothers reveal the truth”
Four women share their stories about becoming mothers later in life.


The Guardian
“Infertility is an issue for some women with endometriosis. But it’s not the whole story”
A public health research writes about endometriosis and its common association with infertility.

DIY Cervical Screening

Mail Online
“Do your OWN smear tests: NHS considers sending DIY kits to British women’s homes as study finds they are as accurate as those done in clinics”
Women could be offered DIY cervical screening tests in a bid to boost cervical cancer screening rates.