In the Press This Week #7


“7 possible explanations for your seriously heavy periods”
In this article, Cosmopolitan highlights seven potential reasons for a particularly heavy period and explains which are most likely to be the cause.

Cervical Cancer Screening

“Anyone going for a smear test needs to read this first”
Cervical Screening Awareness Week runs from the 11th – 17th of June, and this article contributes to the discussion of it by sharing a candid account of what actually happens when you have a smear test.
“Smear test ‘inequality’ is putting women’s lives at risk, cervical cancer charity warns”
A cervical charity has warned that women’s lives are being put at risk due to a lack of access to smear test appointments.

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

Mail Online
“Thought your time of the month was bad? Mother-of-three reveals the premenstrual disorder that causes her memory loss, uncontrollable rage and even violence”
Rhian shares her story of PMDD, outlining some of the symptoms she faced and the importance of awareness of PMDD in order for accurate and efficient diagnosis.