In the Press This Week #9

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

Daily Mail
“Thought your time of the month was bad? Mother-of-three reveals the premenstrual disorder that causes her memory loss, uncontrollable rage and even violence”
Rhian shares her story with PMDD, highlighting the need for increased awareness and efficient diagnosis and treatment.


“Chronic fatigue an under-recognised symptom of debilitating endometriosis, study finds”
A new study has found that the symptom of fatigue could be a key part in identifying endometriosis as well as improving the lives of those with the condition.
The Sun
“From endometriosis to cancer and infertility… the 8 things your period is telling you about your health”
A useful article explaining what potential irregularities in your menstrual cycle could mean, including the importance of being aware of endometriosis.


The Guardian
“Menstrual leave: a workplace reform to finally banish the period taboo?
An interesting opinion piece commenting on the lack of discussion surrounding menstruation and the lessening of how impactful symptoms can actually be.