Menopause Webinar – 15th July at 6.30pm

Register Now for a Menopause Webinarwith Dr Nick Panay from Hormone Health and Lysta Reardon, Fitness and Wellness Consultant.This event is being held on Wednesday 15th July via Zoom at 6.30pm and the ticket price is £10 per person.Bookings via studio17pilates.comLysta will start with a 10-15 minute talk on her own experience with the menopause [...]

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Understanding and mitigating the consequences of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Q & As from Dr Nick Panay, Founder and Director of Hormone Health Q1: Is it possible to confuse menopause symptoms with Coronavirus symptoms? A: Hot flushes, sweats, aches and pains and tiredness induced by the menopause could be similar to Coronavirus symptoms, but the menopause does not usually raise body temperature to 38 degree [...]

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