What you need to know about early Menopause and it’s treatment

Webinar with Nick Panay, Consultant Gynaecologist & Henpicked

“What you need to know about early menopause and its treatment”

On 3rd June, Hormone Health founder, Nick Panay took part in a Lunch & Learn webinar in association with Henpicked, one of the UK’s largest online communities for women.

During this webinar, Nick provided some great insight into the early Menopause and treatments for it. Here’s just some of the areas covered off in the webinar;

• How to spot the signs of an early Menopause

• Why some women experience an early Menopuase

• How early Menopause can happen

• Why it’s important for women with early Menopause to get support & help

• Treatment & support available

• Affect on partners

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