Cancer Prevention Action Week

Cancer Prevention Action Week 2024 - Hormone Health
World Cancer Research Fund’s (WCRF) Cancer Prevention Action Week runs from 19–25 February 2024.

This year, the awareness campaign focuses on ways you can make a difference and reduce your cancer risk. The theme is physical activity and the call to action is simple:

#MakeYourMove by identifying downtime moments when you can do short bursts of activity

Being physically active has many health benefits, including it can help reduce the risk of breast, colon and endometrial cancers.

Get involved

Can you do a small dance routine while cooking, or squats while brushing your teeth? When repeated a few times a day, these short bursts add up and can help you become more active.

Even short bursts of activity, also known as “exercise snacking”, count towards the physical activity guidelines.

More details:

For further information visit the WCRF website.