Edition 17: Keeping informed

This month our associate Liz McCulloch met with Sophie Corbett, who is the daughter of Ronnie Corbett. She was invited to chat about menopause and the results of their discussions are now live on Sophie’s YouTube channel.



As well as discussing the common questions faced by a woman going through the menopause, a significant message was that open conversation about one’s own situation is essential.


After a slight hiatus, we are pleased to let you know that our blog section is back up and running. If you are following our Facebook activity, you will be notified when new blogs are posted. If not, then check back on our website every couple of weeks for updates: https://hormonehealth.co.uk/blog/

Our latest blog explains Bio-identical hormone treatment – there has been some coverage of bio-identical hormones in the news. This is a very confusing area as the terminology is not always used in a consistent way and some of the unregulated treatments are often associated with a range of expensive blood tests.

The key questions to ask is: is the treatment I am receiving regulated by the medicine authorities? If the answer is no, then we would recommend you get a second opinion

More information is available in the blog section of our website: Bioidentical Hormones: What You Need To Know.

Really Helpful Club

We are pleased to announce that we have joined forces with The Really Helpful Club. The Really Helpful Club (RHC) was founded to bring together positive and like-minded people to share their best ideas and most trusted recommendations. In particular, the Members’ Forums are a great way for members to share tips and recommend businesses and services and the events offer an opportunity for members to meet each other.

There is so much information available on the internet, some helpful, some less so. The trick is to find a trusted source of information.

Other news in the press

A variety of articles this last month covering women’s health, including vaginal health, using probiotics, pelvic floor exercises and the menopause.




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