Edition 16: Keeping a balanced perspective

News in the press

This month’s newsletter is dedicated to recent press articles. In particular, the article last week that was headlined ‘HRT in menopause linked to higher Alzheimer’s risk’.

Whilst we understand that newspapers have to create attention grabbing headlines, they are not very helpful when you are concerned about the best way to manage your health.

From our point of view there were a number of conclusions that may not be as definitive as they appear. These include:

  • The assessment of risk based on age – the women studied were not evenly spread across different age ranges
  • The timing of the start of HRT may be important in assessing the risk, but this was not studied in detail
  • The Finnish population (in whom this study was conducted) has a higher incidence of a gene associated with Alzheimer’s Disease. It is called APOE and can be measured if there is a family history of Alzheimer’s Disease, so please ask your specialist at Hormone Health for details.
  • This would mean that a higher risk group can be offered different forms and doses of HRT, if the symptoms of the menopause are particularly troublesome. Alternatively, non-HRT options may be considered.

Consequently, we advise that you consult your menopause specialist at Hormone Health if you have concerns. It is vital that you have a full discussion relating to your age, medical history, relevant risk factors and overall health before deciding whether HRT is appropriate to start or continue with.

Please do not hesitate to make an appointment with one of our specialists if you want to discuss your personal situation or refer to our comprehensive articles on our website about HRT in the  Hormone Knowledge section, and our recent blog HRT: which type is right for you?.

Other news in the press:

Various topics including ovarian cancer awareness, PCOS and pregnancy, menopause and the workplace, incontinence, and HRT:

Plus, a lot of news from last Friday’s International Women’s Day: www.internationalwomensday.com

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