Edition 19: IBS workshop

Further to last month’s extremely successful workshop on Weight Management, our specialist dietician Nigel Denby will be running is second workshop on Wednesday 17th July. This time he will be looking at the impact of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and how to manage this troublesome condition.

As before, places will be limited to ensure greater interaction within the group, so please contact Nigel as soon as possible.

Other news in the press

Not much news in the press this last 4 weeks, obviously summer is coming. Just the one article of note: How to manage menstrual pain


With so many things to do over the summer, we won’t trouble your inbox for the next few months, but we wish you a lovely summer, and don’t forget to keep checking into our website for the latest news in the medical world.

Best wishes from all at Hormone Health

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