New medicines for symptoms of the menopause

There’s a new class of medicines that may help women suffering from the symptoms of the menopause.

The new drugs are not yet available to the public, but the first scientific study shows that they can significantly reduce symptoms, such as hot flushes. Find the full article here in The Independent

Nick Panay, who was part of the scientific research group involved at The Imperial College, London believes that this is the first group of medicines which seem to be a genuine alternative to HRT for those who can’t use it. The new medicines are similar in that they also effectively alleviate hot flushes and sweats.

Hormone Replacement Therapy has been the mainstay of treatment for many decades, but since 2002 the potential long term side effects have created some concern with both doctors and women. There are a number of non-medicinal alternative treatments, which we outline in more detail here: Hormone Knowledge

However, they have not been proven to relieve short term symptoms as effectively as HRT. More research is necessary, but the potential for a real alternative to HRT is very exciting.