World Menopause Day 2018

This year’s recognition of World Menopause Day included many different initiatives.

The British Menopause Society launched a new directory of specialists in women’s health. This is the first directory of its kind and will be an invaluable tool to help women find a menopause specialist wherever they live in the country.

The International Menopause Society used the day to raise awareness about sexual health during the menopause. Sexual health issues can be varied and very specific to each individual. For this reason, finding an experienced menopause specialist is vital to ensure a woman gets the best possible treatment.

Further, more detailed information is available in a recently published article by the IMS.

The IMS has also produced a patient leaflet as a further guide.

At Hormone Health, we believe World Menopause Day is the ideal platform upon which to rebuild confidence in women taking control of their menopause to optimise their quality of life and long term health.

World Menopause Day! Let’s start working together in harmony (Health Care Professionals, Departments of health, regulators, industry, media and women’s groups) to achieve our ultimate goal of optimisation of menopausal women’s health which will benefit society as a whole.