Edition 12: Additional services at Hormone Health

Practice News

We are pleased to announce that Nigel Denby has joined our practice. Nigel is an award winning registered Dietician, providing expert nutritional advice that relies on practical solutions rather than diet fads or quick fixes that won’t last.

Nigel’s primary focus is always on evidence based nutritional advice that centres around ensuring your health and wellbeing. With twenty years of experience under his belt, Nigel has seen the positive effects of this technique time and time again, with no need for any gimmicks.

Nigel has his first clinic on November 30th, so please contact our London clinic if you would like an appointment or more information about the programmes he has available.

This exciting development is complemented by our connection to TEN Clinical. Ten Clinical has set out to bridge the gap between the fitness sector and the medical community. It is the latest step in that process, providing bespoke exercise programmes supporting those with identified clinical needs.


The biggest event last month was World Menopause Day. Naturally there was a lot of press coverage.

Evening Standard: Hormone imbalances & the impact on libido: in this article I comment on the importance of recognising testosterone as a key female hormone and on the pressing need to provide evidence based licensed treatment options for women to use, if they are suffering with distressing low libido and reduced quality of life due to testosterone deficiency.

Other news:

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We are always looking to improve our service for patients and add more support when possible.

To that end, we would welcome any reviews of the experience you have had at Hormone Health, or any suggestions on how to improve our service.

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