Edition 13: Women’s Health Awareness

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Communication is vital in order to avoid taboos, and ensure we achieve appropriate management of women’s health issues. Consequently, we have recently launched a new Facebook page, so you can now keep up to date with practice developments and news more frequently. Please follow us there and tell your friends and family.

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There was an excellent programme on the BBC: The Truth about the Menopause. Hosted by Mariella Frostrup, she talked to a number of women about their concerns, their experiences and how they approached the various treatment options.

One significant conclusion is that you are not alone. Every woman has a story to tell, and open communication will help to break down pre-conceptions and the taboos surrounding the menopause.

In addition, the variety of situations shows why it is important to spend time with a specialist to ensure the best options of treatment for you as an individual are chosen.

Other news:

A great variety of articles this last month covering women’s health, including cervical cancer screening, endometriosis, irregular periods, PCOS and the menopause.

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