Edition 2: November 2017

Welcome to Hormone Health’s second newsletter

There has been a lot of news in both the popular and medical press over the last month. Some highlights are:

  • The British Menopause Society released the results of their recent survey regarding women’s experiences of the menopause – more details in Hormone Health News
  • October 18th was World Menopause Day
  • The M Word: Lorraine Kelly speaks about her menopause experience for exciting new awareness campaign
  • Website Update – we have created a new section in our website – Hormone Knowledge.

The full articles are still available in our News section. We try to update this section at least once per week, so please login to keep up to date or pass the information on to your friends and family.

This month, we are also pleased to announce the availability of a number of Well Woman Screening packages. These have been designed to enable you to keep track of your personal health. They include a variety of hormone tests, bone and ultrasound scans, and most importantly, a consultation with one of our specialists to discuss the results and how you may manage your health in the future.

If you would like more information about these packages, please call us on 0207 034 1303 or email us at enquiries@hormonehealth.co.uk

And finally, we are just about to open a new clinic in the Thames Valley area, so please let your friends and family know if that location will be more convenient for them.

Kind regards
Nick Panay and Associates