Edition 21: Exciting new developments

On September 23rd we are launching a new clinic in Nottingham. This is the first exciting step in making Hormone Health available to a wider group of women. The aim of Hormone Health is to continue to bring together like-minded specialists to provide a service that will give more women personal time and choices of treatment to suit their needs and beliefs.

If you have any friends or family who live in the area and may be interested in this new service, please send on our details.

We hope to announce further launches over the next 12 months, but in the meantime we wish our new Hormone Health Associates Sophie and Jo all the best.


After a slight hiatus, we are pleased to let you know that our blog section is back up and running. If you are following our Facebook activity, you will be notified when new blogs are posted. If not, then check back on our website every couple of weeks for updates: https://hormonehealth.co.uk/blog/.

One of the recent blogs, Why a pear-shaped body can reduce your risk of heart disease, is linked to a new service we are offering at Hormone Health – Body Composition Analysis.

This new technology allows us to see inside our bodies and really understand what is happening. It can show you where the fat is being stored around your body. In turn, this means you can have a tailored approach to your diet and an exercise plan that really works. Please call us on 0207 034 1300 to make an appointment with Nigel Denby our specialist dietician.

NAPS Charity

We proudly support the work of NAPS, but this month it is going one step further, well actually thousands of steps. Our Hormone Health Director Nick Panay is running 10k in support of NAPS on Saturday 14th September. We all wish him luck and obviously any support is gratefully received: https://justgiving.com/campaign/kewgardens10K.

Spreading the News

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Best wishes from all at Hormone Health

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