My Menopause Heroes Interview with Dr. Justine Setchell

Hormone Health Associate, Dr. Justine Setchell, was recently interviewed for the ‘My Menopause Hero’ series by Harley Street at Home.

Created by Harley Street at Home, My Menopause Heroes is a feature celebrating the people who make a difference in the Menopause World. Past episodes of Menopause Heroes have showcased the work of Politicians, Medics, Journalists and people whose work has improved the lives of women.

Nigel Denby, Hormone Health Associate, Menopause Dietitian and founder of explains,

“Menopause Heroes is an important moment for us to pay homage and say thank you to those who have seen the challenge menopause can be. They have seen the challenge and decided to dedicate their time, experience and skill to make things better. Sometimes the contribution is huge, other times is less obvious but it’s all part of the jigsaw which is improving women’s lives – this is our chance to say thank you. Harley Street at Home is proud to have featured Hormone Health Associate, Dr. Justine Setchell, as a Menopause Hero.”

Watch the ‘My Menopause Hero’ video interview with Dr. Justine Setchell.

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