Nutrition and Hydration Week 2024

Nutrition and Hydration Week 2024 - Hormone Health
Nutrition and Hydration Week takes place between 11th-17th March 2024

About Nutrition and Hydration Week

Nutrition and Hydration Week has taken place every March since 2012. Its purpose is to bring people together to create energy, focus and fun in order to highlight and educate people on the value of food and drink in maintaining health and wellbeing in health and social care.

Organisations from around the world and from all areas of health and social care take part and new organisations are welcome to join in the fun.

The campaign mission

“To create a global movement that will focus energy, activity and engagement on nutrition and hydration as a fundamental element of maintaining the health and wellbeing for our global community.”

Key aims

Nutrition & Hydration Week promotes the following:

• The 10 Key Characteristics for Good Nutritional Care
• Protected Mealtimes
• Nutrition Advocates for each health or social care setting
• The minimum standards for good nutrition in the respective settings
• Highlighting Good Nutrition and Hydration Practices
• Continued Education for professionals on good nutrition and hydration
• Encourages holding a Global Tea Party event on the Wednesday of Nutrition and Hydration Week

Find out more by visiting the Nutrition and Hydration website.

Nutritional support at Hormone Health

At Hormone Health we understand that at any stage of life, your diet and lifestyle have a significant impact on your health and the way you feel. In support of Nutrition and Hydration Week we have compiled the following useful links to blog articles written by Registered Dietitian Nigel Denby and Registered Nutritional Therapist Antonia de Gier.

Hydration – how much should we drink?

Dietary and lifestyle advice during menopause

How nutrition, lifestyle and emotional support can improve menopause symptoms

Importance of staying hydrated during menopause

Every woman is different, so her lifestyle plan must be individually tailored to her needs. Our team of specialist Dietitians and Nutritionists use their expertise to work with you to create the nutrition and lifestyle plan to achieve your goals. We offer a range of nutritional advice and treatment packages.

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